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Say The Dairy Council And The Angry Chef.

London, 12th October 2016: Eating well on a budget has never been so easy as The Dairy Council launches a range of dairy-packed, easy and nutritious recipes for university students today.
Showcasing the versatility of dairy, Anthony Warner, also known as The Angry Chef, has created a range of new tasty recipes which are easy, affordable, and can be stored in the freezer for a later date.

Plagued by looming exams, coursework deadlines and financial pressures, it is easy for university students to forget what really matters – their health and nutrition.

A recent study found that university students in the UK tend to have poor diet quality and low intakes of calcium, fibre, fruit, vegetables and dairy products, meaning that their nutritional intake may be compromised.

However, by simply eating a balance of the food groups, students can enhance their nutritional intake more effectively, and save money.

Dairy is an important ingredient for students – not only are dairy foods a source of several important nutrients, they’re also affordable. A pint of milk costs just 40p and can be used in lots of recipes whether it be sweet or savoury, and the average price of cheddar cheese is £2.50 for 450g, a mere 17p per 30g portion. Yogurt is also very affordable and can be purchased for just £1 for a large (500g) pot.

As part of The Dairy Council’s ongoing University Seminar Series, which features independent experts discussing hot topics in dairy nutrition with nutrition undergraduates, The Angry Chef carried out a cooking demonstration for nutrition science students at Kingston University today.

Anthony Warner (The Angry Chef), said: “Nutritious, affordable and easy to follow recipes are a must for university students, particularly as many may be leaving home for the first time with little knowledge of preparing and cooking nutritious meals.

“By creating these recipes with The Dairy Council, we are showing how easy and affordable cooking at home can be. With a bit of planning and creativity, students can follow a healthy diet on a budget. By planning a weekly menu in advance and cooking in batches, students can take the stress out of meal times and ensure they are fuelling their bodies effectively.”

Erica Hocking, Senior Nutrition Scientist at The Dairy Council, added: “Dairy has an important role to play in the nutrition of young adults. When students move out of the family home and into halls of residence or a student flat, the habits they develop can have a major effect on their future health.

“Cooking with dairy is an affordable and easy way to ensure meals have a healthy balance of nutrients such as calcium, protein and iodine, just to name a few. What many people forget is that milk, cheese and yogurt can all be frozen for a later date.

“Eating nutritious meals at university has never been so easy and I hope students across the country enjoy our tasty recipes developed by The Angry Chef.”