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Consumers are to be given an unprecedented array of nutritional tips on milk and dairy foods as the nation gets to grips with the ‘diet season’.

The Dairy Council said today that all too often milk, cheese and yogurt are portrayed as foods to be avoided when trying to shed the pounds after the festive season – when they are in fact key elements of a healthy, balanced diet.

The Dairy Council is to step up activity this year to provide more advice to consumers who are often caught in the cross-fire of a fact versus fiction debate around dairy products.

As part of its initiative to provide consumers with the dairy facts they need, The Dairy Council has today revamped its website, where consumers can be empowered by the range of great resources available at their fingertips. Resources on hold the Information Standard, awarded to trustworthy and reliable sources of health information. It includes a new range of healthy recipes to kick start the new year which include milk, cheese and yogurt and useful factsheets on milk and dairy intake for all age groups.

Dr Anne Mullen, Director of Nutrition at The Dairy Council, said: “Dairy foods are hugely popular throughout the UK and it has never been more important to convey the nutrient richness of milk and dairy products to the public.

“All too often the role that dairy plays in a healthy balanced diet is misrepresented by those with an anti-dairy agenda. That is particularly evident when it comes to weight loss. We are in the throes of an obesity crisis in this country and consumers need to make choices based on reliable nutritional information. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey tells us that milk and dairy foods are integral to the UK diet, in terms of nutrient provision, in both males and females at all ages. Even in weight management, the nutrients that dairy provides are very important for general health, and research is starting to show that the inclusion of dairy in weight management diets is not detrimental and may, in fact, be beneficial.”

The Dairy Council’s new website is more stream lined and easy for consumers to use. The new addition of a Press Hub allows the public to easily follow accurate and up to date information on what is going on in the world of dairy. It will also dissect the latest dairy and nutrition articles in the press.