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The Dairy Council welcomes a new study by the National Osteoporosis Society which warns the public of the high risks to bone health caused by dairy-free diets.

The survey carried out on behalf of the National Osteoporosis Society found that a fifth of under 25s are cutting out or reducing dairy in their diet, putting their health at significant risk by following eating fads.

2,000 adults were surveyed, including 239 under the age of 25 and 339 aged 25-35. Almost 70% of those aged 18-35 years were currently or had previously been dieting. One in five 18-25 year olds said they had cut out or significantly reduced dairy in their diet.

A recent Food Standards Agency survey also found that nearly half of 16-24 year olds said they had an intolerance to cow’s milk and dairy products, compared to just 8% of those over 75. Yet only 24% had actually had their condition diagnosed by a doctor.

Dr Anne Mullen, Director of Nutrition at The Dairy Council, said: “Milk and dairy products provide an array of nutrients including protein, calcium and phosphorus – all of which are important for bone health. Milk is high in protein and calcium and a source of phosphorus which all contribute to the maintenance of normal bone. Dairy is nutrient dense and there are low-fat products available for people who want to consume lower fat foods.”

“This new study on bone health is extremely helpful in identifying the risks of eliminating dairy products entirely from the diet and highlights the growing concern that many young adults are putting their health at risk by seek dietary advice from bloggers on the internet.”

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