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The Dairy Council is on the look out for the next generation of sport nutritionists to submit their research on the role of dairy in sport and exercise nutrition.

The 2017 Dairy Council Sport Nutrition Award, in collaboration with the British Dietetic Assoication’s Sport and Exercise Nutrition register (SENr), is open to nutrition and sport students, and SENr registered graduates.

Applicants are asked to compose a formal, evidence-based article on the use of milk or dairy foods in sport nutrition and elite performance. This can be in the format of a dissertation, case study or literature review.

Lydia Cooper, nutrition scientist at The Dairy Council, said: “Research on milk and dairy and its relationship with exercise and performance nutrition is extensive, and is a growing field of study.

“Over the 4 years we have been running this award we have received some really high quality research from students and graduates. Interestingly, more and more researchers are showing an interest in studying the protein content of milk, but saying that, every year we receieve submissions that cover a whole range of topics.

“Through this award, we hope to inspire the next generation of sport nutritionists and researchers to further investigate the benefits of dairy products, and put it in practice in their future careers. It’s a fantastic platform for aspiring sport nutritionists to showcase their work on recreational sport nutrition or elite performance nutrition.”

Winners may be invited to present their work at the 2018 SENr showcase event. Entries will be accepted until 31st December and the winners will be announced early 2018.

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